The Ultimate Unstuck

Apr 4, 2021    Pastor Marco David

How many of you, like me, hate to be stuck? We’ve been stuck in traffic, in airports, and long lines. As Chicagoans, you’ve likely been stuck in the snow. How many of you had to dig your car out of the snow this year? It’s no fun to be stuck.

In this message, we want to encourage and challenge you, especially those who feel stuck, that although there is often no easy solution, there is a certain and freeing hope for us all in the resurrection of Christ. As Christians, we need to learn how to effectively remind ourselves of the hope of the resurrection in such a way that we get freed from the chains that are keeping us from living the abundant Christian life.

Main idea: Remembering Jesus, risen from the dead, unbinds us from the chains that would keep us from the abundant life we were saved for.

To unfold this theme, we consider 3 ways that remembering the resurrection releases us from the strongholds in our lives to be all that God saved us to be.