hope counseling center

Hope Counseling Center exists to provide Christ-centered, Biblical counseling for persons struggling with the various non-medical problems (i.e. marital conflict, addictions, anger, etc) of life. This counseling ministry is intended to be an outreach and mercy ministry to our local community and also a resource for families at Midwest Bible Church and Midwestern Christian Academy. We are committed to biblical counseling, which means it is our objective to apply the Scripture to every area of life. When a life is brought under full submission to the Scripture, lives are transformed and Christ is honored. 

meet the team

Pastor Marco David

Pastor Marco David has been a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and has received training certificates in general biblical counseling, marriage counseling, and addictions counseling. He is the senior pastor here at MBC.

Tyler Kuipers

Tyler was raised in the church and around the Christian faith. In his twenties, he struggled with addictions, wandering through life without aim, hoping to find something of value. That lifestyle allowed him to witness what may become of him; he saw men behind bars that resembled him in fast-forward. It was also there that men visited him who authentically accepted him for who he was, but also saw a potential for him to be more. These men took the time to help a stranger, believing that he was made for more. They instilled a hope beyond this world, like that of a young child, and helped him later see that his life had purpose and meaning, set apart for His service. From that day, Tyler wanted to learn more about the God who knows him, and he began to discover who he was.

A few short years later, Tyler moved from MI to Chicago to attend college to become a Mental Health Counselor. During those years, he served in children’s ministries, addiction recovery programs, mentorship to teens in Juvenile Detention Centers, and homeless ministries. Through it all, Tyler discovered that he wanted to help people discover purpose and meaning through their passions and see them flourish. Finding ourselves and our goal happens when we encounter the presence and power of God and in the service of others. The change we are looking for does not happen on our timeline, and it does not happen by just modifying behavior. True and lasting change occurs in the heart, from the inside out. We experience perfect peace when we look to God alone as our help and trust Him to guide our lives. Tyler is still on that journey, and wants to journey with others along the way, hoping that he may be able to offer some of the comfort or wisdom that God has given him.

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