The Path of Love

Mar 14, 2021    Pastor Marco David

When we come to crossroads in life—or life-defining moments, the decisions we make will determine our destinies. The two primary motivations in those decisions are self or love. How we make choices, and the motives behind them will determine the trajectory of our lives.

As in the lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz, we are all traveling through life on paths that we have chosen to take for one reason or another. Is the path you’re on characterized by love or self?

The message's main idea is as follows: Only on the path of committed love will we find life and leave a legacy of love that blesses generations to come.

To unfold this theme, we consider three blessings that Naomi and Ruth found on the path of love –blessings that are characteristic of God’s covenantal love and faithfulness.