Rediscovering the Beauty of Servant Leadership in the Church

Sep 8, 2019    Andrew Catrinta

In the unfolding story of the early Church, we read in Acts 6:1-7 about a conflict that is affecting the growing community of diverse Jesus followers. As we seek to rediscover the beauty of the Church, how does this story help us as a template in our present-day? We see that through the filling of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and wisdom, the Church in Jerusalem ultimately IMITATED Jesus, INSTITUTED offices, and IMPACTED the world as a result. A beautiful Church is one filled with servant-leaders who imitate Jesus, one that cares for the spiritual and physical needs of others, one that is diverse while operating in unity, one that overcomes conflicts together, and one that has a tangible impact on an unbelieving world. Our prayer is that this sermon would help you see the beauty of servant-leadership.